A little of History
Ginosa, formely named Genusium, was built with its Medieval Castle on a deep Gravina at 257 meters above sea-level. Ginosa is a province of Taranto and borders upon "Basilicata". Plinio, writing about Genusuim defined it "populus genusium", supposing that the very ancient genusium was formed by groups of territory.These tribes had a nucleos which was in a har-working centre. As proof of that there is the huge archeological and heritage recovered in different points of the territory ( ruins of boundaries - sepulchre - vassels coins - decorations - armours...) now preserved in important museums such as "Louvre" in Paris.

The first building out of Gravina was "The Matrice Church", followed by the "Palazzo Marchesale" from which stretches the main street of the city. Whatever you are interested in, there is always something interesting and fascinating to visiti in Ginosa. The "Matrice Churc, the "Gravine", "Salinella Lake - Torre Mottoni", Marina di Ginosa where in summer you can meet thousand of tourists.
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