Welcome to Poggio Cignano Wine Cellar
From a passion handed down of generation in generation it is risen, on a characteristic hill in the Contrada Cignano di Ginosa, zone of the suggestive and uncontaminated Murgia, caressed by the breeze of the harbor of the near sea, the wine cellar "Poggio Cignano" of Mrs Arcangela Leo.

A absolutely fascinating landscape, characterized from the presence of numerous trees of secular oaks cheered by a variegated crowd recalling the most ancient country traditions, the profuse love of Mrs. Leo in the cure of the grapes matured to the warm sun of the Ionio sea, the absolute clean that countersigns the management of the places, makes indeed this unique wine cellar.

The handicraft cure employed in the selection and in the maintenance of the grapes, the brave facing appointment to reduce the surrender in vineyard and the loving attention for every least detail of the wine process, has what natural consequence wines' production from the absolutely guaranteed quality .
Contrada Mezzanella
74013 Ginosa (TA)

tel: +39 099 8295052
fax: +39 099 8215492

Whine in short

The Cignanello, Vitigno Montepulciano, is a bright rosŤ wine dry and harmonious with starters horsd'oeuvre, sea food, soft cheese, white meat, pizza and bun


The Graspello, Merlot I.G.T Tarantino, is a vivid red merlot wine, with dark woodland and vanilla flavour which goes with red meats and seasoned cheese.


The Fogliato Salento I.G.T is a ruby red wine, tasty and fine which goes with first courses, soups, read meats and cheese.


The Palmaro, Puglia Rosso I.G.T, is a brigth red rubin rubin wine, tasty and fine which goes with all through the meal, but in particular with roasts of red meats and cheese.


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